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End of a annual 4th of July Party

Scituate  Every 4th of July

This is the way this event ends every year. Hands down one of the best party's we cater each year.

Outside Wedding

 June 2017

"Rick, you and your skilled team exceeded my every expectation. The food was not only delicious but so gorgeously presented... The evening ran so smoothly thanks to you and the professional attitude of every person there.

50th  Anniversary Celebration

September 2018

"The food was not only delicious but so beautifully  presented. The evening ran so smoothly thanks to you and the Waitstaff.  I will recommend you to all my friends!"

 John & Donna O'neal

One of My Personal Favorites

Private Home, June 2019

We have done a lot of catering events.... But this was the first one that we shared the serving area with a helicopter. The client was a pilot and promised himself that sometime in his life he would build his own helicopter. And as you can see he accomplished his goal. Also one of my all time favorite lines came from this event.... The lawn guys were doing the lawn when the copter came back from being painted (it was all white when being built). The owner had to ask them to move there truck so they could put the copter back into the garage.(because where else would you put your helicopter).

With out even flinching the lawn guy said..," got to tell ya I'm getting tired of moving my truck so you guys can park your damn Helicopters"

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