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It all began one day at home in the kitchen....

My dad sat us down and laid it out on the line... If you plan on living long you better learn to cook because your mother can't. And I hate to say it but truer words we're never spoken. And from that day on we were free to create in the kitchen. 

Some of my greatest memories were learning how to truly cook in the 

restaurant that was my fathers dream - The Pilgrim Restaurant in Quincy Center. Working side by side with my grandparents who had worked in the industry for 30 years and my father, I learned what it was to be in the food service business. My father's motto was "if it wasn't the best it never saw the dinner plate" and we never deviated from that. 


Later when I branched out on my own, I thought of every catchy name for my catering business I could think of and then I thought back to what my dad would say. "It's simple. Give people good food and they'll be back"

And Simply Good Catering was born.

buffet pic 1.jpg


since 1994

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